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I have been paralyzed from the waist down due to a job injury in 1974. I have had repeated pressure sores ever since. I currently have been struggling with four sores: one at the bottom of the spine, two on the right buttock, and one on the right hip. My wound care specialist has been working on them for some time, but we were not getting the healing I need. So many things look like they are going to work, but don’t. I bought only one bottle of Miracle Mist Plus to try. I was skeptical but had nothing to lose since the product is guaranteed. My therapist and I were delighted when it really worked. I have just ordered two more bottles and will not be without this great product. Thank you, Miracle Mist Plus.

Mary W., KS

My daughter’s newborn baby clamped on so hard that he eroded the skin around the nipple, creating a large sore. It made nursing unbearable. None of the creams, compresses or shields the doctor prescribed helped. Finally she heard about Miracle Mist Plus. From the very first spray, she began to feel relief. By the next day, the sore was noticeably better. It gave her the confidence to keep on nursing. The sore has continued to heal despite being “reinjured” every two hours. And best of all, it’s totally safe for the baby.

Ann R. , AZ

My long-awaited grandson swallowed meconium during a difficult birth process. That plus the antibiotics gave him terrible diarrhea, blistering his fragile newborn skin, turning it blood red. Every diaper change was agonizing. I gave my daughter-in-law a bottle of Miracle Mist Plus. Within hours the blisters were gone and within two days there was no trace of diaper rash.

Jeanie E., TX

I had an extremely painful MRSA infection in my groin area. It had to be lanced several times even though I was on oral antibiotics. I began spraying the site with Miracle Mist Plus to get relief from the horrible itching and pain. To my amazement it also accelerated the healing and took away the embarrassing odor.

Ann N., TX

I have been a diabetic for 25 years. I am 80 years old and still work 40 hours a week. I never had much problem with sores until the last few years. Recently my kitty scratched me the front of my leg. The scratch wouldn't heal and turned into a horrible sore, 5-6 inches wide, running from the mid shin to my ankle. I also had a diabetic ulcer on the back of my leg. I had several rounds of antibiotics and even had “timpop” surgery to increase circulation. My circulation improved, but the sore still didn’t heal. For six months nothing helped. Then I heard about Miracle Mist Plus. I sprayed my wounds everyday and began to see healing within days. Two months later the sores were totally healed. Now I even spray Miracle Mist Plus in my eyes. It makes them feel so much better. I just thank God I found it.

Kathleen K., , MO

I've had Rosacea for years and was always embarrassed at the redness on my face. Now I spray my face every morning and massage it in before I put on my make-up. Now I have no more redness and no more itching.

Donna T., TX

I've been getting a series of allergy shots twice a week. The injection sites immediately swell and itch. As soon as I get home I spray with Miracle Mist Plus. The itching stops immed-iately and within hours the redness is gone.

Charles G., TX

I was a little wary about the Miracle Mist Plus spray that was written about in New Mobility a while back [July 2005], but I had three deep wounds on my legs caused by a piece of steel that scratched them when I was getting in and out of my wheelchair. I didn't notice all of this until it was too late and the damage was done.

I went to two wound care centers and the only way they knew how to treat these types of wounds was with moisture and triple antibiotic, then wrap them and leave it until next time. I thought I didn't have anything to lose with Miracle Mist Plus, so I ordered a bottle and I tackled the smallest wound, one the wound care center had been trying to heal for three months. I've been putting Miracle Mist on it now for five weeks and it is almost closed.

Although the doctor says that [the Miracle Mist Plus] isn't what is healing it, I told him he was just jealous he hadn't discovered it first. It's great, and even after using the wound vac for four months, I am going to take it off and keep working with the Miracle Mist Plus.

Faye E., TX

I have been a diabetic for 27 years. I've had two toes amputated due to sores that would not heal, and I was about to lose another one. I began spraying it with Miracle Mist Plus. My doctor was astounded at the improvement after just a few days. He said, “You are really on to something.”

Bill B., TX

Without thinking, I picked a casserole dish up that had just come out of a 400 degree oven. Needless to say, it did not take me long to set it back down, but not before it burned the index finger on my right hand. My husband grabbed his bottle of Miracle Mist Plus and sprayed it on my hand. I continued to spray a little more on it for the next 30 minutes. Not only did the pain stop, the blister that had formed began to recess. The next morning I did not have a blister nor was my finger sore.

Just thought I'd let you know, this stuff really works!

Sandy W., TX

My husband was in the hospital for heart problems and had an IV in his hand. After he came home, his hand and arm started itching and swelling. It was very painful. We went back to the doctor who said it was cellulitis caused by staph infection. After reading the back of the Miracle Mist Plus bottle, I decided to try it. It worked wonderfully! The itching and redness left, and it began healing right away. The stuff is like a Miracle. I just had to give a testimony about this great product.

Louise E., CA

I let my friend use my bottle of Miracle Mist Plus when her baby was bitten by ants. She was amazed at the results. A week later her three-year-old got into the ants so I loaned her the Miracle Mist again. I am having a hard time getting it back from her now. It really does work.

Robin N., TX

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