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Roofer experienced severe sunburn working under the blazing Texas sun. He began spraying frequently with Miracle Mist Plus, but continued to work eight hours a day on the roof for two more days. Despite the continued exposure, the sunburn was visibly reduced. The roofer reported he experienced no pain.


Sunburn before treating with Miracle Mist Plus wound care spray

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Photo of sunburn after using Miracle Mist Plus

Sunburn Pain Relief

natural sunburn treatmentIf you’ve ever had a sunburn so bad it was painful to see let alone touch or treat, you know the available treatment options are sometimes worse than the sunburn. Ice might numb the burn temporarily but it does nothing to help heal it and when the numbness wears off the pain returns with a vengeance. Many commercial remedies leave you feeling greasy and do little, if anything, to ease the pain or heal the skin.

Maybe you’ve tried treating your sunburn with one of the home remedies like white vinegar. Did you enjoy smelling like a pickle?

Miracle Mist Plus comes in either a spray or a soothing hydrogel that’s both safe and easy to apply. It’ll help erase the pain and give the cells vital nutrients they need to heal.

Many highly active children and adults get scrapes or skin tears as easily as the elderly or diabetics and this natural wound care product helps the body heal itself regardless of the physical condition of the user. People with good nutrition that are physically active naturally heal faster BUT the mobility impaired and those with medical issues see amazing results.

Some of our mobility impaired customers are seeing sores that they’ve had a decade or more shrink in size and depth until they are eliminated when Miracle Mist Plus is included in the wound care regimen.

Grab Your Supply Of Miracle Mist Plus Today And Be Ready To Provide Wound Care When Needed.