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Vitamins That Enhance Wound Healing

A Simple Protocol

If you are struggling with a wound that won’t heal, you should know that in addition to all-natural Miracle Mist Plus, certain vitamin combinations target the wound and provide your body with the necessary nutrients needed for healing.

  Tim Gilmer, a paraplegic and editor of New Mobility Magazine, wrote about a nutritional protocol that healed chronic wounds after 40 years of futility with prescription ointments and surgical techniques. Gilmer and his vascular surgeon, Dr. William C. Duncan III, recommends daily supplementation to speed wound healing: Vitamin C – 500 mg twice a day, Vitamin A – 10,000 units, Vitamin D – 500 mg, Vitamin E – 400 units twice a day, Zinc – 50 – 250 mg (Gilmer took 150 mg per day.), L-Arginine – 2,000 mg, and B-complex.


On a cautionary note:  When it comes to vitamins, bargain prices rarely yield anticipated results. Labels can be deceptive. Many widely advertised vitamin brands are diluted with fillers and made from low grade or impure ingredients. It is extremely important to buy only potent, pharmaceutical grade vitamins of the quality available from Healthy Life and Times.

Healthy Life and Times offers the highest grade wound support vitamins


Vitamin A & D (10,000 IUs of A and 400 IU’s of D)                                   

(100 ct)       $14.10

Vitamin C 1000 mg (time released)                                                               

(60 ct)        $22.45

Vitamin E 400 units twice a day                                                                  

(60 ct)        $24.15 

Zinc 250 mg                                                                                              

(150 ct)       $15.15

            CAUTION: Dr. William Duncan recommends 250 mg daily but

we suggest you do that for only a short period of time. Dr. Earl

Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D., author of Vitamin Bible, says that taking

more than 150 mg of zinc daily can impair the immune system.

L-Arginine 2,000 mg daily (take four 500 mg daily)                                   

(100 ct)        $12.60

            Dr. William Duncan recommends 2,000 mg daily but be aware

that it stimulates the pituitary gland, and therefore, should not

be taken by growing children. Cautions are for persons with

schizophrenic conditions, herpes or anyone taking ACE

inhibitors. L-Arginine can affect treatment dosages of hyper-

tensive and nitrate medications, such as nitroglycerin and others

B-Complex 33mg (take three 33 mg capsules daily)                                  

(100ct)        $21.25


Total          $109.70

Take daily until wound is healed.

Take with food in the middle of a meal to avoid stomach upset.

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