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Diabetic Foot Ulcer

I have been a diabetic for 36 years.  Five months ago I scratched my foot on a fireplace brick.  Within days it became an uncontrollable, weepy sore covers with fungus.  Nothing seemed to help and I feared my doctor would insist on amputation.  Finally, I tried Miracle Mist Plus.  Within 6 hours, I could see visible results.  Finally, something that works!  I am taking photos with my cell phone to document the progress and will send more soon!

J. Hathaway, Arizona

 Before Using Miracle Mist Plus Wound Care Spray  After Using Miracle Mist Plus For 3 Weeks
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Before Photo

Before Using Miracle Mist Plus

Diabetic Foot Ulcer After Photo

After Using Miracle Mist Plus 3 Weeks