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Clinical Studies

Miracle Mist Plus in Burns and Chronic Wounds

John Young, MD, visiting Assistant Professor of Medicine (Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, acted as coordinator for design of these studies.
Chronic wounds and burns are both considered wounds. Because of a lack of epidermis they are both open to the environment.  Miracle Mist Plus is recommended for burns and chronic wounds because of its unique properties.  Some of these properties include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. It Neutralizes the Acidic Environment by its high alkaline PH.
  2. It acts as a Membrane Stabilizer.
  3. It reduces Pain and Itch
  4. It impedes the growth of E-Coli, Staph, Strep, Pseudomonas, and MRSA.
  5. It is Inexpensive.
  6. It is Non-Toxic.
  7. It is 100% All Natural.
Forty-three Patient Burn Study
In this study we looked at Miracle Mist Plus and did a comparison study of standard treatment for the institution of semi-permeable bandage impregnated with anti-bacterial medication.
Total Number of Patients was 43. Fifteen were admitted patients and 28 were out patients. Of these 43 patients, 40 had burns and 3 had chronic  wounds or secondary burns, which were infected and had not healed for at least two months.  The burns and wounds were large enough to divide half so one side was treated solely with Miracle Mist Plus and the other by cleaning with saline solution and bandaging with anti-bacterial semi-permeable dressings.
There were 30 Males and 13 Females. Ages ranged from 26 to 48. All had a burn surface of 3% – 10%
  Group A – Miracle Mist Plus applied once a day
  Group B – (Hospital Controlled Group) saline and dressings applied once a day
Time taken to heal the Second Degree Burn Patients:
  Group A – 11 days
  Group B – 11 days
Time taken to heal the Third Degree Burn Patients:
  Group A – 19 days
  Group B – 21 days
There were no systemic problems with either the heart and or the liver when either treatment was used.  Miracle Mist Plus used in the treatment of third degree burns healed the burns faster and resolved stubborn skin infection, which the other treatment could not do.
Fifty-one Patient Burn Study
Group A Number of Patients – 51 Treatment – Miracle Mist Plus, Applied 2-4 times per day
  Burn Type
  1. 30 Patients with Third Degree Burns, and 10%-29% burn surface area
  Gender – 27 Males and 3 Females
  Age Range – 2-64yrs
  2. 21 Patients with Second Degree Burns, and less than 9% burn surface area
  Gender – 14 Males and 7 Females
  Age Range – 3-59 yrs
Group B Number of Patients – 50 Treatment – Semi-permeable bandage, Applied 2-4 times per day
  Burn Type
  1. 30 Patients with Third Degree Burns, and 10%-29% burn surface area
  Gender – 24 Males and 6 Females
  Age Range – 1-49 yrs
  2. 20 Patients with Second Degree Burns, and less than 9% burn surface area
  Gender – 17 Males and 3 Females
  Age Range – 5-51
Group Burn Type Time to Heal Antibiotics Used Average Time for Pain Relief Exudating Ceased
Group A 3rd degree 12.8 days
2 patients 82 seconds 35 hours
Group B 3rd degree 18.3 days
8 patients No relief 49 hours
Group A 2nd  degree 5.7 days
0 patients 67 seconds 27 hours
Group B 2nd degree 8.3 days
0 patients No relief 42 hours
  1. Miracle Mist Plus healed burns faster than the traditional protocol enabling patients to be discharged from the hospital faster.  Therefore, the length of stay and amount of care required was reduced.
  2. Miracle Mist Plus Group A had fewer infections.
  3. Miracle Mist Plus Group A had better pain control so less narcotics were needed.
  4. Miracle Mist Plus Group A patients had wound exudates (signifying cell membrane breakdown and loss of protein and fluid) for less time than patients under the traditional protocol.
Nursing Comments:
  With Group A, The Miracle Mist Plus burn surface area remained clean looking and fresh.
  There were no systemic side effects, for example cardiac, with the use of either product.
These two burn studies were conducted in 2005 and were presented in January of 2006.
Use of Miracle Mist Plus in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds
Multi-Center Trial
14 Patients – 18 Wounds
In this Multi-center study we looked at the use of Miracle Mist Plus in the treatment of chronic wounds
that did not heal in a reasonable amount of time. Our objective was to determine whether Miracle Mist
Plus was efficacious, cost-effective and offered some improvement over conventional wound treatments.
All wounds at the beginning of the study were cleansed with sterile water, then treated only with Miracle
Mist Plus from that point on.
Patient# Wound History Size Location Healed
Patient 1 Over 2 Months 3.5cm x 4.0cm   27 days
Patient 2 Over 2 Months 7.0cm x 7.5cm   36 days
Patient 3  
  Wound 1 7 Years 3.0cm x 1.0cm Lower Back 35 days
  Wound 2 7 Years 1.9cm x 2.0cm Mid Back 33 days
Patient 4   3 Years 4.0cm x 2.0cm Hip 126 days
Patient 5   3 Years 4.5cm x 2.0cm Hip 49 days
Patient 6   15 Days 2.0cm x 0.5cm Left Leg 50 days
  Note: Had 2 Wounds on Left Leg with MM. Right Leg Controlled with Antibiotic only, and was the same size after 50 days and no better.
Patient 7  
  Wound 1 2 Years 3.0cm x 1.5cm Buttock 69 days
  Wound 2 4 Years 6.0cm x 1.8cm, 4.0cm deep Leg 187 days
  Note: Closed to 2.2cm x .5cm in 7 days
Patient 8 6 Months 3.5cm x 3.0cm Foot  
Patient 9  
  Wound 1 4 Years 4.0 cm x 4.5cm, 5.5cm deep Buttock 100 days
  Wound 2 4 Years 6.0cm x 1.5cm Sacrum 15 days
Patient 10   14 Months 20cm x 25cm Buttocks 210 days
  Note:  Wound closed to 10 x 10cm at end of study
Patient 11   5 Months 4.0cm x 6.0cm Left Heel 84 days
Patient 12   13 Moths 1.5cm x 2.0cm Sole of Rt Foot 150 days
  Note: Wound closed to 0.5cm x 0.25cm at end of study
Patient 13  
  Wound 1 19 Years 3.0cm x 5.0cm Heel 300 days
  Note: Reduced to less than 0.25cm by end of study
  Wound 2 19 Years 15.0cm x 20.0cm Buttocks 300 days
  Note: Wound of 19 years closed to 7.0cm x 10.0cm by end of study despite patient sitting on it 10hrs a day.
Patient 14   3 Months 2.0cm x 3.0cm Lower Leg 1 Month no change
  1. Miracle Mist Plus seems to save time and money in the treatment of burns and chronic wounds.
  2. Miracle Mist Plus was found to be inexpensive and eddicacious.  One 6oz bottle on a wound 15cm x 15cm, applied twice a day costs $1 a day.
  3. Miracle Mist Plus is a product that is indicated for treatment of any type of burn as well as chronic wounds.  It deserves consideration as a treatment protocol because of the reduced time to heal, and reduction of infection.
  4. Only side effect found was a reaction in patients allergic to castor oil, one of the ingredients.  These patients developed a rash, which cleared once use of  Miracle Mist Plus was discontinued.
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