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Elderly Skin Tear II (same customer)



A few months after we sent the last photos, my dad fell again, this time taking out a large chunk of flesh from his arm. We stopped the bleeding and grabbed the Miracle Mist Plus. As we were getting dressed to take him to ER, the wound actually began looking calmer and he reported his pain stopped. We decided to just monitor it for a while. We sprayed frequently and wrapped it with gauze before he went to bed each night. Three weeks later only two tiny scabs remained. We already loved Miracle Mist Plus, but this astounded even us.
S. Osborn, Texas
Before Using Miracle Mist Plus Wound Care Spray After Using Miracle Mist Plus Wound Care Spray for 21 Days
Elderly Skin Tear on Arm, Before Using Wound Care Spray Elderly Skin Tear on Arm After Using Wound Care Spray



Elderly Skin Tear Photos

My 96-year-old father has the classic paper-thin skin which he’s severely gashed several times.  We’ve spared him several trips to the ER and the pain of stitches by spraying his injuries with Miracle Mist Plus.  The deep wound shown below would have taken several stitches to close.  Miracle Mist Plus began relieving the pain immediately.  We sprayed frequently and by the next day, healing was already evident.  Within 10 days, the wound was completely closed.  We always get the same amazing results with every injury or scratch.

S. Osborn, Texas

Before Treating 10 Days After Wound Ocurred
Hand Skin Tear Before Photo Hand Skin Tear Before Photo